‘The Order of the White Boar’

Welcome! To all new members of the Order!

The group of friends who have sworn lifelong loyalty – to each other and to their good lord, King Richard III.

Read about their adventures in The Order of the White Boar and The King’s Man (out 26 May 2018). The paperback and ebook can be ordered from Amazon at myBook.to/WhiteBoar and mybook.to/TheKingsMan, from Blurb at http://www.blurb.co.uk/b/8167813-the-order-of-the-white-boar and http://www.blurb.co.uk/b/8770224-the-king-s-man or by contacting AlexMarchant84@gmail.com.

The Order of the White Boar follows the adventures of Matthew Wansford, 12-year-old page to Duke Richard of Gloucester, at Middleham Castle and in Westminster, from the summer of 1482. The King’s Man picks up the story in the spring of 1483, as the Year of the Three Kings unfolds . . .


Order Of The White Boar_3d-book              The book on white background

And don’t forget, if you and/or your young people enjoy the book, please leave a review on Amazon, GoodReads or elsewhere – thank you!


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The Castle Gardens at Middleham

A Facebook post today from Middleham Castle reminded me of something that I think is often forgotten – that castles had gardens attached, both for produce and also for pleasure (as shown in this lovely picture from a French manuscript about 1490, as sourced by Middleham Castle).
Image may contain: 2 people, outdoor
The gardens at Middleham are featured from time to time in The Order of the White Boar, once at Easter, when a sloping lawn is used for the annual Easter egg roll…
“Then, after the solemn Good Friday unveiling of the Cross and the Easter vigil, we pages begged eggs from the kitchens’ stockpiles, stored since Ash Wednesday. We boiled them hard in onion-skin dyes to roll them down the slopes in the Duchess’s pleasure gardens.
The squires looked on, with good humour or disdain, too old now for such childish pastimes. But, to my surprise, and to the laughter of the ladies who gathered to watch us, not only Masters Lovell, Ratcliffe and Kendall, and various other gentlemen, but Duke Richard himself joined us.
Each of the gentlemen had brought his own egg, except it seemed the Duke.
For a moment, there was disappointment on his face. Sir Francis declared, ‘Then this year I have a chance of winning.’
But the Duke called Alys forward from where she was waiting with the other ladies.
Her dimples showing, she stepped up to him, bringing from behind her back a small casket. As she lifted the lid, there, nestled in black velvet, was the largest egg I had ever seen. It was intricately painted with swirls of red, blue, green, gold, putting our home-dyed hens’ eggs to shame.
‘The swans of Pontefract obliged me,’ said the Duke, picking it up with a flourish.
He beckoned to his son, who had been fidgeting next to me as the scene played out and now leapt forward with sparkling eyes.
‘Come, Ed – help me. It is such a fine egg – we shall roll it together.’
So the Duke and his son swept all before them, not only racing the smaller eggs to the bottom of the slope, but surviving without so much as a hair’s crack.”
1200px-Bg-easter-eggs wiki
Order Of The White Boar-no-barcode-1
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Another cracking 5* #AmazonReview for ‘The Order of the White Boar’


15 September 2018

Matt is a youngster, small for his age, who is sent to Middleham Castle to train in the knightly arts. He’s looked down upon by the other boys who see him as merely a merchant’s son but his gift for singing makes him a favourite of Richard, the man who will be King Richard III. He makes a few friends, including Richard’s delicate son Edward, and with them forms The Order of the White Boar. He also makes some powerful enemies.

This is told from the point of view of the boy and is intended as Young Adult fiction but there’s a good story here which even an oldie like me can appreciate. There’s enough description to place the reader in the draughty halls of a Yorkshire castle, or the heart of the forest on a wild boar hunt, without it becoming tedious. I enjoy historical fiction and this one really hit the spot for me. I shall read the next in the series as soon as I have the chance.”

Thank you Ignite!
!A Discovered Diamond
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‘The Beast of Middleham Moor’ -Ricardian short story still raising funds for #SAUK

Eagle-eyed Julie Stafford spotted this lovely picture on Facebook today and posted it to my page with the words ‘I think this area featured in a certain story, didn’t it, Alex? 
Image may contain: cloud, sky, plant, outdoor and nature

Andrew DarlingtoWe Love The Yorkshire Dales

17 hrs: captioned: ‘Looking across Wensleydale from Middleham High Moor this morning as the rain swept down the valley’
Of course, the beautiful landscape of Wensleydale features throughout The Order of the White Boar and is fleetingly glimpsed in The King’s Man, but of course the story Julie means is the revealingly titled ‘The Beast of Middleham Moor’.
So it seemed a very good time to remind everyone that ‘The Beast’ is still available to order as a pdf in return for a small donation (min. £1) to Scoliosis Association UK (SAUK), the charity that supports people with scoliosis and their families. The link for the fundraiser is:
The Beast of Middleham Moor1 (1)
Every donation is gratefully received! Thank you
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Jenny Alexander – guest post on #AuthorsElectric

Fellow children’s author Jenny Alexander kindly agreed to an interview for my regular Authors Electric blog spot.
My first thought on seeing details of her new books was ‘If only Matthew Wansford had had access to them when he first met a certain Hugh Soulsby….’
With so many children making the transition from primary school to the big, new wide world of senior school this month, it’s a very timely re-publication of these books.



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Library visit

This year has definitely been a year of ‘firsts’ for me.

In three weeks time it will be a year since my first novel, The Order of the White Boar, was published, and it’s difficult to believe that the year has gone so quickly. My first sequel of course came out in May this year. And I’ve attended my first medieval festivals to sell the books, undertaken my first public talks and readings, my first video-recorded/podcast question & answer session, my first online Q&A for a reading group, my first school visits with my books.

Author Carol Fellingham Webb at this year's Bosworth Medieval Festival

This coming weekend, Saturday 15th September, will be my first library visit as a solo author. I’m delighted to be suporting a local community library, at Denholme in West Yorkshire, where I’ll be doing a short talk about King Richard, a reading or two, and a Q&A – and running a colouring competition for any children who come along (or indeed adults, if they wish! After all, who could resist the chance to colour in pictures of good King Richard, his lady wife, Queen Anne, or any of the other characters in my books? As usual at my events, pictures are courtesy the fabulous ‘The Wars of the Roses Colouring Book’ by Debra Bayani and Dmitry Yakhovsky: https://www.facebook.com/events/2261870310509060/?notif_t=aymt_upsell_tip&notif_id=1536411889320007)

If you are in the area, please do call in and say hello.




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Honourable Mention from #DiscoveringDiamonds #DDRevs for cover of ‘The Order of the White Boar’

Many of my readers and Facebook followers have commented on how much they like the covers of ‘The Order of the White Boar’ and ‘The King’s Man’ – and even better, children seem very attracted to them when they appear at events!
Now I’m pleased to announce that the design of the cover of ‘The Order’ has been recognized with an ‘Honourable Mention’ in Discovering Diamonds’ Cover of the Month contest for August 2018.
Disc Diamond cover
Very many thanks to Olly Bennett at MoreVisual for his stunning work and the Discovering Diamonds for the recognition.
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Bosworth 1485 – Mark II

The joys of alternative history: my latest blog post for Mary Anne Yarde’s ‘Myths, Legends, Books and Coffee Pots:


myBook.to/WhiteBoar and mybook.to/TheKingsMan

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