‘Shock’, ‘disappointed’, but 5 stars?

‘The Order of the White Boar’ has received another fantastic review on Amazon, though I can’t help feeling its 100% record of 5-star reviews has survived only by the skin of its teeth, given the words ‘shock’ and ‘disappointed’!
Lennorah said: ‘What a great book, could not put it down. Big shock when I reached the end, very disappointed that you did not continue with the young man’s life. Hope ‘The King’s Man’ is a continuation. When is the next book due out?’
Those of you who have read it will know that ‘The Order’ ends in the spring of 1483, soon after devastating news is received at Middleham Castle – devastating to Matthew, and then to Duke Richard.
The book doesn’t end on a cliffhanger as such, but at the start of a journey, a very long and arduous journey for all my characters – both fictional and historical. ‘The King’s Man’ begins a few days later… 

Thank you to Lennorah for the review. I hope you and your grandson will enjoy the next book too.

About alexmarchantblog

A Ricardian since a teenager, and following stints as an archaeologist and in publishing, Alex now lives and works in King Richard’s own country, not far from his beloved York and Middleham
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