My latest favourite review – thank you, 12-year-old Ellen!

I’ve just received what has instantly become my favourite review of ‘The Order of the White Boar’.

Why? Because it’s my first from a reader of exactly the age I had in mind when I wrote the book. And 12 is also of course the age Matthew Wansford and his friends Alys and Roger are as the story begins.

So it’s  both reassuring and exciting to discover that Ellen enjoyed the book – and is waiting impatiently for the sequel…

‘When I first starting reading the Order of the White Boar I realised it was something I normally wouldn’t pick off the shelf. But, I’m extremely glad I did read it. I can’t wait for the sequel!

For the first few chapters I was just getting my head around the medieval theme and it was good because it didn’t move into the story too fast, yet it also doesn’t take too long to get into the plot.

I also like how one of the main characters – Alys – is a girl who is strong-willed, a tom-boy and definitely not a stereotype. I feel this is a great aspect to the book because it means that it isn’t just boys being knights and girls being princesses. Lastly I like how Alys is being forced to marry someone who she doesn’t want to marry. It gives a great twist that doesn’t only affect Matthew.

download (1)

Secondly I like the animals in the book. I especially love the dog Murrey who sounds adorable and very loyal. I also love the falcon that Roger owns because of the way Alex describes him: “Roger stopped by a perch on which sat a small mottled-brown bird that bobbed up and down as he approached.” I was laughing by myself as I imagined a tiny bird just bobbing up and down. I think it’s great to include some humour into a book.

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[*Spoiler Alert!*]

Lastly I really liked the ending. Everything had been going fine and you could tell the end of the book was coming because everything had been working out and he’d proven his father proud etc. Then boom. He was kicked out. My mind was like, WHAT? I don’t think anyone could have predicted that happening. It was an amazing ending that really threw me and made me want to definitely read the next book!

The only pointer I have is that ‘write the second book quickly so that I can read it straight away’!

Overall The Order of the White Bear is a great book which I would recommend to anyone and think that I am lucky to have been given as normally I wouldn’t have picked this!’

Ellen Campbell

Age 12

Thank you Ellen – you made my day!

And it won’t be very long before the sequel comes out – I promise!

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