Virtual launch of ‘Grant Me the Carving of My Name’charity anthology inspired by #RichardIII

An invitation to one and all to join us this afternoon between 3 and 8 pm GMT (10 am to 3pm EST) to launch the Richard III inspired anthology of short stories Grant Me the Carving of My Name, to be sold in support of Scoliosis Association UK (SAUK).

kindle book and coffee

The event will take place on Facebook at

There will be lots of chat, prizes, giveaways, some but not all with a Ricardian theme. And one very special prize will be awarded to a young Ricardian, so please keep your eyes peeled if you have any young friends or relatives who are supporters of King Richard!

The approximate timetable for author slots is as follows:

3pm start – introduction

3.15 Audience with King Richard himself (ably assisted by Dames Larner & Lamb – authors of  ‘Dame Joanne’s Talke Thinge’ and Dickon’s Diaries)

4pm J.P. Reedman (author of ‘Five White Stones’ and I, Richard Plantagenet)

4.45 Wendy Johnson (author of ‘Bowyers Tower’ and ‘Beyond the Rood’, member of the Looking for Richard Project team)

5.30 Joanne R. Larner (author of ‘Abduction’ and Richard Liveth Yet)

6.15 Narrelle M. Harris (author of ‘Long Live the King’ and ‘Myth and Man’, and numerous books in various genres, including the Duo Ex Machina series)

7pm Jennifer C. Wilson (‘Return of the King’ and the Kindred Spirits books) and Marla Skidmore (‘Purgatory’ and Renaissance: The Fall and Rise of a King)

Official end is at 8pm, but all competitions and giveaways will be open for at least 24 hours. Also authors who have been unable to join us on the day will be checking in later – so do let us know if you have any questions for them!

We hope to see you there!

And don’t forget you can buy your ebook or paperback of ‘Grant Me the Carving of My Name’ on Amazon at or direct from me at

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Full details of the anthology are as on the following press release:

Richard III novelists collaborate on charity anthology

When: Publication date 21st November (paperback), 24th November (ebook)

Where: Can be purchased via Amazon worldwide and from contributing authors

An international group of authors who have all been inspired by England’s last Plantagenet King, Richard III, are working together to raise funds in support of Scoliosis Association UK through sales of a collection of their work.

Grant Me the Carving of My Name is an anthology of 15 short stories by a dozen authors from the UK, Ireland, the USA and Australia. It takes its title (with her permission) from a poem by poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy which was read by Benedict Cumberbatch at the king’s reburial in Leicester in 2015.

The collection also features a Foreword by acclaimed historical novelist Philippa Gregory, author of The White Queen, which was dramatized by the BBC in 2013 and featured a rare positive portrayal of King Richard, by Aneurin Barnard (Dunkirk, War and Peace).

The book

As Philippa Gregory states in her Foreword, ‘This collection has come about – as so many good things do – from a dream and a joke’ – when editor Alex Marchant and Wendy Johnson, a key member of the Looking for Richard Project responsible for rediscovering the king’s grave, joked about getting together to publish short stories they had written about this most controversial king. The enthusiasm of the other authors approached to contribute led to the dream becoming a reality.

The collected stories offer an alternative view of this often-maligned king and range from glimpses of his childhood and domestic life, through battles and rebellions, to explorations of the afterlife and his historical reputation. By turns elegiac, mystical, brutal, light-hearted, uplifting, there’s something for everyone within these pages.

The charity

King Richard himself suffered from scoliosis – a lateral curvature of the spine that would have become increasingly disabling and painful as he aged, and was only revealed during examination of his skeleton after his grave was excavated in 2012. Scoliosis Association UK (SAUK) supports children and adults with the same condition throughout the UK today and was the obvious charity to support with proceeds from this book.

The editor and authors

Alex Marchant is author of two books, The Order of the White Boar and The King’s Man, telling the story of the real King Richard III for children, although they’ve also been enjoyed by adults. Called ‘a wonderful work of historical fiction’ by the Richard III Society, The Order has received a Discovered Diamond award from the Discovering Diamonds review website.

The contributing authors have published numerous novels between them, not just about King Richard, with subjects and genres ranging from King Arthur and Robin Hood (J. P. Reedman) through crime and fantasy (Narrelle M. Harris) to humour and romance (Jennifer C. Wilson, Joanne Larner and Susan Lamb), together with non-fiction books, particularly the acclaimed new biography Richard III: Loyalty Binds Me by Matthew Lewis.

The contributors

Narrelle M. Harris

Wendy Johnson

Riikka Katajisto

Susan Kokomo Lamb

Joanne R. Larner

Matthew Lewis

Alex Marchant (editor)

Máire Martello A playwright based in Manhattan

Frances Quinn

  1. P. Reedman

Marla Skidmore

Richard Unwin

Jennifer C. Wilson


Grant Me the Carving of My Name is available as a paperback and an ebook through Amazon at and via editor Alex Marchant and contributors.

There will be an online launch between 3 and 8 pm GMT on Sunday 25th November at


For more information, please contact Alex at:

01535 647746 / 07929 084124

book on bus shelter

About alexmarchantblog

A Ricardian since a teenager, and following stints as an archaeologist and in publishing, Alex now lives and works in King Richard’s own country, not far from his beloved York and Middleham
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4 Responses to Virtual launch of ‘Grant Me the Carving of My Name’charity anthology inspired by #RichardIII

  1. I really love your story in there, Alex. It’s my favourite so far although I am enjoying them all.

    Liked by 1 person

    • …and further to my last reply – I forgot to mention that I’m having a little drop-in session at The Kitchen cafe in Cross Roads on Thursday 6th December at from 3pm – selling and signing all the books (just signing if a pre-bought copy is brought along!) – it would be lovely to see you there if you can make it!


  2. Thank you so much for letting me know! I wonder if it’s because you recognize the moors where it’s set (or at least those that inspired it!)

    Liked by 1 person

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