Quest to find a loyal young supporter of #RichardIII! #Giveaway

Do you know someone under the age of 18 who is already a confirmed Ricardian?
At our launch of Grant Me the Carving of My Name on Sunday, one of our contributors offered a *very* special prize. Wendy Johnson of the Looking For Richard team wants to reward a young Ricardian with a lovely ‘goody bag’ of Richard-related items and also (perhaps for the adult who nominates them) a copy of The Search for Richard III: the King’s Grave signed specially by Philippa Langley. Please do respond here or on the original post with details of your young Ricardian!


Wendy with other members of the LFFR: David Johnson, Philippa Langley and John Ashdown-Hill (Photo copyright P LAngley)

Wendy’s post is:

“Wendy Johnson also has a challenge for any young Ricardians here today – or anyone who knows of any youngsters who are willing to fight (figuratively only of course) for his cause…
Wendy has an extra special prize to give away. She’s not only put together a goody bag of Ricardian presents suitable for a young Ricardian (bookmark, white rose brooch, a book about castles, etc.), but also she has a copy of Philippa Langley’s book about King Richard, The Search for Richard III: The King’s Grave, signed and with a special message from Philippa herself. (Perhaps an incentive for the adults here to encourage entry by their youngsters – or simply to nominate them!)
Wendy sees bringing young people to Richard’s cause as vital in the quest to reveal the real Richard III. And she would love to hear from you if you know of (or are) someone aged under 18 who has a particular interest in him – and has perhaps done something special to promote knowledge about him. This could be anything from doing a project about the real man, writing a story about him, drawing a picture of him as he was (not as Shakespeare would have us see him), speaking up for him in front of people who perhaps know little about the real man – or whatever you feel shows this young person represents the next generation of Ricardians and strivers after truth!
Please nominate any young person you feel is suitable – perhaps your child or grandchild, niece/nephew, friend, student, whoever – and post something that supports that nomination – a photo, perhaps of the project or drawing, or an anecdote, or whatever you can.

The challenge will remain open for seven days to make this easier (till Sunday 2nd December; please DM Alex Marchant if you need more time or suggestions) – and then Wendy will choose the winner.”

Cobbles & Clay with Mollie  P1030323

(Alex with Molly at Haworth and another young Ricardian at Bosworth)

The original post can be found at the event page:

Final cover Grant me...


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A Ricardian since a teenager, and following stints as an archaeologist and in publishing, Alex now lives and works in King Richard’s own country, not far from his beloved York and Middleham
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