Why Richard III is my wooden mouse…

Jennifer C Wilson’s thoughts on why Richard III appears in (almost) all her work … including of course her contributions to ‘Grant Me the Carving of My Name’ and ‘Right Trust and Well Beloved…’

Jennifer C. Wilson

That was the title of my mini-introduction to my reading of a Kindred Spirits Short at the launch of the second Ricardian anthology, Right Trusty and Well Beloved, and I feel like elaborating in a blog…

wp-1576824664685.jpg Some of the contributors to the collection, in York on 14th December 2019

Why a wooden mouse? Not the most respectful animal to compare a king to, and especially not a king you are particularly fond of, you might be thinking, but stay with me.

We’ll start with a bit of history, about the furniture-maker and wood-carver, Robert ‘Mouseman’ Thompson. In 1919, Thompson was working with a colleague on a wooden screen, when he joked to the other carver that he was “as poor as a church mouse” – as a result, he carved a small mouse into the corner of the screen, and subsequently, did the same in all his works.


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A Ricardian since a teenager, and following stints as an archaeologist and in publishing, Alex now lives and works in King Richard’s own country, not far from his beloved York and Middleham
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