*Special Offers!* 5⭐️ historical/children’s fiction only 99p/99c – and …

For 2 weeks both ‘The Order of the White Boar’ and ‘The King’s Man’ will be on special offer on Kindle

From Tuesday 31st March for one week ‘The Order’ will be only 99p/99c to download (FREE on Kindle Unlimited)

And from Wednesday 8th March for one week, ‘The King’s Man’ will also be only 99p/99c to download (FREE of Kindle Unlimited)

An ideal chance to add it to your e-reader – or to that of a friend or family member who may be looking for something new to occupy them during these difficult times

And watch this space for details of online readings from the books, and – coming soon (if I can organize the technology and if anyone’s interested!) – personalized virtual readings and Q&As.

Do you know anyone who’d appreciate such a phone or video call? Maybe your children are off school and a half-hour ‘author visit’ might help break up their day? Or an adult Ricardian who might welcome the diversion? Let me know!

Stay safe and stay sane!



Chill with a book The Order of the White Boar by Alex Marchant


Alex Marchant is author of two books telling the story of the real King Richard III for children aged 10+, The Order of the White Boar and The King’s Man, and editor of Grant Me the Carving of My Name and Right Trusty and Well Beloved…, two anthologies of short fiction inspired by the king, sold in support of Scoliosis Association UK (SAUK). 

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